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Water/Oil Separators

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Controlling pollutants is an important aspect to the operation of any industrial process

  • An investment for the future
  • Suitable for Mineral and Synthetic Lubricants
  • MAX. compressor capacity 70 m3/min
  • Compact Design

The Problem:The condensate produced as a by-product of compressed air generation is a toxic and hazardous substance that provides a danger to the environment. As well as environmental concerns, stricter regulation governing the control of this substance combine to provide a real challenge to all users of compressed air, in order to avoid fines and to prevent the release of dangerous material into the environment.

The Solution:
The new PURO range of condensate management systems provides a new solution to a growing problem. By employing new filtration procedures the PURO series provides maximum security along with ease of use and simple low cost maintenance.

What makes PURO better:
Conventional condensate separators rely on the physical separation/gravitation of the oil from the water so that the oil can be drained separately and the remaining water cleaned through an activated carbon media. This process is adversely affected in cases where vibration or shocks are present and by any turbulence created by an increase in compressed air flow. Furthermore the oil needs to be drained from the system into a container before disposal. Finally over time the water that sits in the primary stage tank becomes stagnant and therefore may present health risks.

The PURO provides the following advantages over conventional systems:

  • Utilises a primary stage filter bag that absorbs oil but not water that does not rely on gravitational separation
  • The PURO unique full length oleophilic oil filter system ensures that only clean filter is aligned to the water surface
  • The waste oil collected is safely contained within the filter allowing clean and convenient disposal
  • Due to the efficiency of the stage on filtration, the service life and efficiency of the carbon bag in the second stage is significantly increased
  • The simple design and simple set up allow convenient installation.
  • The PURO system can handle synthetic coolants with no reduction in capacity allowing a simple choice to be made.

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