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Lento Oil Free

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Clean, compressed air, economically produced.

  • 100% oil-free compressed air
  • maximum flexibility through variable and fixed speed
  • enormous energy-saving potential
  • robust and quiet
  • safe in operation by proven design
  • clear, simple layout for ease of service
  • environmental friendly operation

The LENTO concept offers technological advantages with no compromise:

  • High quality, 100% oil-free compressed air is demanded not only in pharmacy, foodstuffs, electrical engineering and medical industries, but is very important in all applications where products of highest quality are produced.
  • Only water, the most natural of all raw materials, is used in the compression process resulting in clean, environmentally friendly compressed air with no oil; dirt and other dust particles drawn in and cleansed by the water treatment system. Clean condensate (pure water) can be fed directly into the drainage system.
  • Lowest temperatures during compression through optimum heat transfer via the water and this with minimum energy consumption

The LENTO range of speed-controlled direct drive compressors provide optimum economy by:

  • exactly matching the flow from the compressor to the compressed air requirements at any time.
  • avoidance of switching cycles and the consequent costly no-load periods.
  • energy-saving start-up, with no current surge.
  • freely selectable operating pressure from 5 – 10 bar.
  • The reduced pressure produced saves you money.

The combination of the "Energy-saving duo" is unbeatable:

  • the LENTO with "fixed speed" covers the basic load for a compressor station.
  • the LENTO with "variable speed" takes up any additional requirement, e. g. peaks in consumption.

The Integrated Dryer:

  • ensures minimum compressed air output temperatures, i. e. a separate dryer may not be required.
  • reduces costs and simplifies installation as no additional water is required.

Minimised service and maintenance costs compared with other oil-free compression systems with fewer service items

Application 1 -
LENTO, the oil-free compressed air provider as a free-standing system or as a multi-unit solution for economical, oilfree compressed air production in the medium output range. The benefits for you: cost-effective, operationally safe with low maintenance compressed air production.

Application 2 -
LENTO, the oil-free, speed-controlled compressed air provider is best suited to take over in existing oil-free compressed air stations as the master “command” system. The benefits for you: The entire station becomes more economical immediately, and peaks in consumption can be buffered by “governing”.

Application 3 -

LENTO, the oil-free compressed air producer, as a safe alternative to replace oil-lubricated with oil-free compressed air cost-effectively in critical sectors (such as food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals). The benefits for you: high security for your products (no oil present) and fewer waste disposal problems.

Air end

  • Single stage, water-injected air end
  • bronze alloy stator
  • polymerised ceramic rotors
  • lowest compression temperatures less than 60°C


  • Highly efficient drive motor
  • IP 55 protection class F
  • compact, powerful and safe in operation designed for maximum cooling.

Plus-Version with integrated dryer
Provides dry compressed air at the input to the compressed air network.

Total water quality

  • Reverse Osmosis system integrated.
  • Generates Water from a standard mains supply.
  • Reverse Osmosis water protects the unit and avoids bacteria growth.

Direct Drive

  • Highly effective power transmission.
  • optimum performance.

SCD frequency converter

  • fully integrated system.
  • conforms to EMC directives.

Air Control

  • the compressor‘s intelligence.
  • thinks, monitors and records.

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