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High Pressure Piston Compressors

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HLE Series
Heavy duty Piston type Compressor systems. Quality consciousness for commercial and industrial applications... as built-in compressor... on base frame... on tank.

The HLE compressors from ALUP offer the optimal entry-level model for reliable compressed air supply. They can be used anywhere to supply small amounts of compressed air either locally or centrally.

The HLE Package includes:

  • Ready for operation, filled with oil, connecting cable.
  • Complete fittings and safety devices.
  • Dry air filter with air-intake grid.
  • robust metal V-belt protection screen.
  • High-quality pressure switch for automatic operation.
  • tank drain.
  • cylinder of grey cast iron as well as specially designed steel valves for long compressor operating life.
  • As of 5.5 kW delivery possible with mounted delta-star starter (incl. main switch and running-time meter).

The standard scope of delivery includes:

  • Low speed and piston speed.
  • large intake and pressure valves.
  • large intake and pressure lines.
  • Up to 5.5 kW direct start-up with mechanical relief valve as well as ON/OFF switch (star-delta start-up optional).
  • as of 7.5 kW automatic star delta starter with electromagnetic relief valve and running-time meter.
  • electromagnetic safety valve and non-return valve.
  • spiral-ribbed pipe cooler or aftercooler.
  • metal protective grid for belt.
  • pressure gauge for tank system.
  • motor tensioning device with parallel guides.
  • non-return valve.
  • running-time meter (only in connection with star-delta starter)
  • dry air intake filter

Also Available -

  • HLE Series mounted on base plate.

Further Accessories

  • oil level control (only in connection with star-delta starter).
  • rubber buffers.
  • flexible connecting hose.

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