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AirNet Advantages

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Reduced energy costs
AIRnet significantly reduces your operating costs by providing more air flow with less pressure drop thanks to its ultra smooth inner aluminium surface.
AIRnet’s corrosion-free pipe and fittings minimize the risk of leakage and maintain less pressure drop consistently over time, reducing energy waste.
An integrated and tightly toleranced 'O' ring ensures leak free sealing on the pipe.
A pressure drop reduction of 1 bar results in 7% energy savings of your total compressor installed power.

Time saving
AIRnet can be installed in 40% of the time taken for traditional steel systems
Few specialized tools are required to complete any installation. Network maintenance is equally as fast and easy
All components are easily adjustable and reusable.
AIRnet is compatible with any existing pipe work and equipment.

Built to last
The AIRnet piping system is resistant to corrosion, mechanical shocks, fire, thermal variations and many outdoor weather conditions. Thanks to consistent clean quality air, the AIRnet range ensures longevity of your equipment and increases the lifetime of filtration elements. In line with the high quality performance of our AIRnet product range, we provide you with a 10 year guarantee on our AIRnet fittings and aluminium pipes against any damages resulting from material defect.

AIRnet corrosion-free aluminium pipes and AIRnet fittings minimize the risk of leakages and maintain consistently low pressure drop over time. AIRnet will also provide a higher airflow thanks to the smooth inner aluminum surface. This will help every customer reduce energy costs and ensure each of your compressors run in the most efficient way.


The vast range of AIRnet fittings include 90 elbows, 45 elbows, equal tees, un equal tees, sockets, quick drop saddles, isolating valves, wall mounted outlet ports BSP adaptor sockets.

We have developed a Polymer moulding for the Ø 20 – 25 – 40 - 50 mm ( ¾” - 1” – 1” ½ - 2”) fittings & use anodised aluminium on the larger Ø 63 – 80mm ( 2” ½ - 3”) fittings. All of the fittings include a stainless steel griper & NBR 70SH rubber ‘o’ ring together these ensure minimum leakage and maximum life.

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