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Refridgeration Dryers

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ACS offers a wide range of air treatment products to give you quality air as per your requirements. Refrigerated air dryers, thermal mass dryers, high inlet temperature dryers and compressed air filters.


  • High reliability is achieved through the continuous development of the dryers in the DRY range.
  • First-class components are used that have been tested under the most adverse operating conditions.
  • Constant dewpoint control under any load condition.
  • Automatic operation.
  • ACS recommends ABAC units since ABAC is one of the world's leading manufacturers of dryers and is the only air compressor manufacturer that designs and produces all the dryers they use for their range of compressors in their own factory.


  • Years of experience, along with the use of high-quality components added to, the generous size of the unit, its simple design and effective control system all contribute towards making these units safe and reliable over time. All the dryers in the DRY range have been designed and built with particular attention given to its operation and performance using first-class components that have been tested in the field for many years.
  • The refrigerated dryer offered by ABAC is a unit that:
  • requires low maintenance and long intervals between overhauls;
  • has fewer components that are subject to wear


  • High energy savings due to low pressure drops throughout the system. No wastage of compressed air because of the intelligent (zero loss) automatic discharge of condensate.
  • A cleaner compressed air distribution network without leakage.
  • Greater reliability and longer life of all pneumatic equipment.
  • Lower and easier maintenance due to the reliability of the components and the easy access to internal components.
  • Safe and reliable operation.

Intelligent automatic discharger of condensate

  • Discharges only water, NOT compressed air = Energy savings
  • Noise-free, no acoustic impact = Environmental protection

Environmental protection
No CFC = No impact on the OZONE LAYER
Ecological, with adoption of R134a - R404 A gas
Complies with current EC regulations
Thermal insulation to guarantee high efficiency Intelligent discharge of condensate

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