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24/7 Technical Support

Technical Support

At ACS, we pride ourselves on our 24/7 total service cover!

We're talking about total service covering virtually
all makes of compressors, air treatment and ancillary equipment and available twenty fours a day, seven days a week and fifty-two weeks a year!

For you, that means less downtime, minimal lost production, reduced losses and cost and a lot less hassle!

Our range of service cover packages are tailor made to meet demands and expectations. These include not only our own installations but compressors, air dryers, separators and filtration systems of all makes and types. Our fully qualified electrical and mechanical engineers deliver

Our aim and commitment is to ensure, and so far as is practical, to ensure your compressed air systems perform at maximum efficiency and reliability and where the risk of breakdown is minimised.

In this connection, ACS also offer many other supporting services for checking reliability, improving efficiency and offering facilities to identify means to save energy and costs.

Free System Evaluations

ACS offer free system evaluations from the smallest to the largest system. Our many years of experience and knowledge gained since 1989 can help improve efficiency and reliability of your compressed air network.

Energy Conservation
For many years, it has been accepted by compressed air users that 'air is cheap' and, as such, inefficient and leaking air systems have been tolerated. In fact, compressed air is about the most costly of our 'utilities' and only now, with the introduction of the 'climate change levy' have companies started to pay attention to compressed air generation costs. Fact is, it is quite common to save thousands of pounds per year in terms of energy usage by implementing simple and inexpensive measures. ACS are able to provide full indepth sytem and energy evaluations to all compressed air users. Our data logging system provides a thirty-two page independant report which details full running costs, air consumption and operational pressure readouts. As the cost of energy is ever increasing, there has never been a more important time to maximize energy savings that at present. Please forward your contact details and we'll ve only to happy to arrange a site visit and discuss this important matter in greater detail.

Breathing Air Systems
ACS provide a full range of testing solutions for industrial breathing air systems. These tests are a legal requirement and are tailored to suit particular applications and environments. Breathing air systems are now coming under closer inspection than ever before, with the legal requirements becoming tighter every year. ACS can provide standard or tailor-made packages to suit most requirements. The days of simply plugging into an air system and hoping the air supply is good enough to breath are gone. CO, CO2 and H2O and oil vapour must now be monitored, treated, measured and tested before air can be used as 'breathing air'. Therefore if you currently use or intend to use compressed air for breathing purposes, give us a call and we will carry out a free system check.

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