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SCK 3-40

Product Range > Industrial Applications > Screw Compressors

Maximum benefits for our customers:

This premise holds true for everyone at ACS and ALUP. These products benefit from the latest techniques in high technlogy research and industrial development and are manufactured according to ISO 9001. Customer satisfaction and quality is our highest priority. They fulfil all acceptance criteria according to ISO 1217 – 3 annex C.

Numerous variations and options allow these products to be installed in nearly every compressed air application. Special versions can also be offered.
The SCK 3 – 40 series is designed so that theunits can be employed in a great variety ofways and applications.
You can install this series:... as standard single compressor or else in combination as described below

With Integrated Refridgeraton Dryer

Mounted On A Tank

Mounted On A Tank with Refridgeraton Dryer

SCK 6-15 with dryer
Mounted On a Tank
SCK 6-15 with dryer and tank

Air end

Excellent efficiency over the entire control range.

Air intake external filtration foam
Dust protection for internal components ensuring maximum lifetime and reliability. Easy to clean.

High efficiency encapsulated air filter
Protection of the screw element thanks to a 2 µm pleated filtration media against small dust particles. Air supplied from cold area for improved compression efficiency.

Oil filter and air/oil separator cartridge
Easy removal for quick servicing. Ensuring less than 3 ppm of oil content in the compressed air.Extending network filter protection and reduced service costs (oil refill).

Aluminium combined Air/Air and Air/Oil cooler
Mounted on roof for easy ducting. Sized to ensure low oil temperature and low compressed air temperature even in maximum ambient conditions.

Oil tank
Vertical vessel for initial gravity separation.Oil sight glass visible through canopy and drain valve on oil outlet for easy and quick servicing.

Cooling turbine
Improved efficiency compared to a conventional fan and very low noise levels.

Electric motor
Class F, IP55 for protection – greased for life – protected by thermal relay – for improved energy savings.

Pulley-belt assembly
Guided alignment for efficiency.Easy tensioning system.

Electronic controller Air Control 4
User friendly and comprehensive information on a text display for SCK 6 – 40.

SCK 16-40
SCK Easy Maintenance Assembly
Air Control Panel

ALUP Air Control

Microprocessor controls for safe monitoring of all functions.
Control, regulate, monitor, earlywarning and in ”extreme cases” – failure diagnosis – these are the main tasks for the ”brain” of your compressor, a standard feature ofall our screw compressors.

Click Here For More Information About The Flexible SCK Series.

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