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Genesis Screw Compressors

Product Range > Automotive

The Complete Air Compressor Workstation Range:

  • 7.5 HP to 30 HP (5.5-22kW)
  • Pressure: to a max of 13 Bar (188 psi)
  • Ready for use, just connect to your power supply and airline installation
  • Reduces costs & improves efficiency
  • Easy to use
  • Filtered, clean, dry compressed air
  • Compact in size
  • Extremely quiet
  • Self diagnostic facility
  • Low maintenance and servicing costs
  • Selected models available with Energy Saving Variable Speed

Genesis Compressor System
Genesis Compressor System
Genesis Compressor System

Dry and clean air, ready to use

Every Genesis is built with a generously sized dryer that provides you moisture free air at all times. All units are also equipped with an efficient filtration system that filters solid and liquid particles down to 0.1 micron. The result is simple: dry and clean air suitable for the majority of industrial applications.

Simple and quick maintenance

The ideal positioning of all service items including oil/air filters, v-belts plus an external oil level indicator enable the ultimate in rapid convenient maintenance. The long service interval and smart maintenance kits make the user friendly experience even more complete.

Full control in a few clicks

The highly developed MC2 controller allows you easy access to the various menus and key performance and operational indicators. The MC2 features a remote control interface allowing the control/sequencing of up to four compressors. The maintenance plan, fault log and many other safety/control features are all available from the clear, simple to use MC2 controller.

New generation air ends

The latest generation compressor air-ends provide higher output, lower operating temperatures, ultimate reliability with a very long service life. Our pedigree as a world leading producer of over 25,000 air-ends per year delivers real benefits at the heart of your compressor.

High efficiency is standard for a longer life with lower costs

The most efficient cooling system guarantees ideal operating temperatures are maintained, even in severe conditions. Again, the use of the highest quality components such as oversized aluminium coolers ensures continued high performance.

Zero loss automatic condensate drain

The noise free automatic condensate drain provides efficient operation with no loss of valuable compressed air. This ensures a more comfortable working environment with reduced energy consumption.

Three Steps from Complete Installation
  • A fully optimised solution that includes: refrigerated dryer, automatic condensate drains, high efficiency filtration, air receiver and controls.
  • Designed to be durable with outstanding reliability, a result of our in-house manufacturing and technology.
  • All the benefits of our large industrial technology in terms of efficiency, low ownership costs, convenient and safe controls and reduced energy consumption.
  • Our variable speed versions optimise your energy efficiency by only delivering the amount of air that your system is using in real time, fully flexible matching costs to your usage.

The air compressor of the future is available today!

A unique solution comprising the latest generation of screw compressor element, ecological, high efficiency filtration, dryer, zero loss drain all mounted on a 270 or 500 litre air receiver, ready to be installed and connected to the mains and air supply.

Each compressor is supplied with:

  • Refrigerant dryer (with R134A or R404a environmentally friendly refrigerant).
  • Final filter with filtration down to 0,1 micron.
  • Zero Loss Automatic condensate drain.
  • 270 Lt. or 500 Lt Air receiver.
  • Optional Variable speed Inverter on selected models (11 + 22 kW)

During regular consumption and use of compressed air, you can expect air pressure and power to vary significantly depending on the tasks being undertaken.

Our variable speed compressors utilise the latest technology in order to adjust the output of the compressor at any time in line with the exact requirements of your system. This means your energy consumption is reduced significantly especially at times of low usage yet available when demand is highest.

Modern systems of this type are capable of reducing power consumption and costs by up to 22% and there are many other advantages concerning start-up and other hidden costs. Our own casebook shows how many companies saved six figure sums by adopting such systems.

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