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Spinn Rotary Screw Compressors

Product Range > Automotive

Simple, Silent, Economic

Range: 2.2 - 11 kW
Unique Technology - Fitted with the latest generation Rotary Screw Compressor Air End
Efficient - High output with very low power consumption
Simple, Advanced Design - Lower maintenance costs
Acoustically Engineered - Ultra Quiet
Extremely compact - Simple to install
Engineered to last - Rugged and reliable

Product Highlights

Efficiency of the Elements:
Air is compressed by a high-efficiency rotary screw assembly without metal to metal contact
Oil Flooded asymmetrical element
5/6 lobe configuration provides higher compressed air output with lower power consumption.
Longevity: screw compressor technology ensures longer life, reliable and robust

Easy to Maintain:
Long maintenance intervals. Accurate arrangement and easy access of internal components subject to maintenance ALLOW EASY, FAST, and COST-EFFECTIVE MAINTENANCE. By removing the front and upper panel you gain access to:

  • Air Filter
  • Oil Filter
  • Air-Oil Separator
  • Oil filling up and Oil Drain

Easy to operate: Electric Control Board

  • Main switch that can be activated in emergency, even if the compressor is loaded
  • Electric motor thermal protection
  • Low voltage control circuits
  • Automatic star-delta start (5,5 kW std, Option 4 kW)

E. version with dryer:
The SPINN.E Version is the winning solution for specific uses that require condensate free-air:

  • Safeguards the operation of the equipment;
  • Improves the quality of the final product;
  • Requires less space for installation;
  • Cancels the cost of installing the dryer;
  • Respect the environment with the use of ecological gas

Air Cooling:

The air flow generated by the electric fan provides very efficient cooling even during continuous use and in high ambient temperatures. This combined with the high efficiency oil cooler allows operating temperatures to be very low. The lower operating temperatures result in longer life to both components and to the lubricant.

Automatic Condensate Discharge (E. versions only)

  • It discharges only water, NO compressed air
  • No noise
  • Energy saving

Low noise levels:
Low noise levels, significantly lower than that of a piston compressor provide a more comfortable working environment. The absence of vibration, low mechanical noise and the use of acoustic panels, allow the SPINN to be located closer to the working area [only 64 - 64 dB(A)].

The SPINN is available in different versions for all needs:Floor mounted - with air receiver sizes 200 litre and 270 litre, with or without air dryer, enabling you to choose the right model for your requirement.

Reduced power consumptionThanks to the rotary technology that provides a higher output, the SPINN compressor consumes less power in comparison to traditional piston type air compressors.

Click Here For More Information and Technical Specifications about the SPINN Series of Compressors

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