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High Pressure & Diving Compressors

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ALT series High Pressure, Diving Compressor and Breathing Air Compressors for dive applications, 230/300 Bar.

ABAC have introduced a revised high pressure air compressor range suitable for breathing air, diving, paint ball and many other industrial processes.

The new range comprises skid mounted and cabinet versions with the option of electric motor, petrol engine or diesel engine drive. The range spans 12 standard models from 2.2 kW up to 15 kW.

Each model comes with whip hose or multiple hoses with the option of DIN230/300 or INT connections in addition each compressor is fitted with molecular sieve and activated carbon filtration ensuring air quality to CGA-E, DIN 3188 and EN12021 and with longer service interval at 50 hours, ideal for diving uses or dive work.

Based on proven design and quality proven over many years and in many type of operation throughout the world, the new ALT series provides top performance, robust construction and enviable reliability, whatever your application.

Product Highlights

  • Multi stages, three cylinders, forced air cooled.
  • Stainless steel intercoolers and after coolers.
  • Crankcase, cylinders and heads finned for high cooling.
  • Breathing air according to DIN 3188 - CGA / E - EN12021.
  • Micro intake filter.
  • Aluminium filter housing with activated carbon-molecular sieve cartridge to remove impurities, replacement at 50 hours at 20 C.
  • Silent cabinet available with shock absorber and anti vibration suspension of the motor/compressor group from the frame, on selected models.
  • Filling ramp with multi independent hoses INT filling valve for SCUBA breathing apparatus (DIN 200 or DIN 300 on request) on selected models.
  • Electric panel with automatic stop, hour meter, motor thermal protection, start/stop buttons manual drain button, low oil red lamp, phase control of motor correct rotation, available at an extra cost.
  • Temperature gauge with digital display, auto stop mode for overheating.
  • Safety valve for each compression stage.
  • Final safety valve.
  • Pressure maintaining valve / no return valve.

The information shown may not apply to all models. If in doubt then please consult ACS for professional advice.

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