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Adsorption Dryers

Product Range > Air Treatment

Complete treatment systems with heatless adsorption dryer, pre and after filter and condensate drain.

OekoDry 2000 Product Highlights

  • Pressure dew points:up to - 40c Cat 100% nominal loadup to - 70c Cat 70% nominal load and a max inlet temperatures of 35c
  • Flow rates up to 5 - 100m3/h
  • Regeneration air requirement ca. 17% of the nominal flow
  • Operating pressure 4 - 16 bar

Two type series, MINI and MIDI, with a total of 9 frame sizes offer reliable and efficient compressed air conditioning in line with demand. The OekoDry 2000 series is also available as SuperPlus version.

A special advantage of the SuperPlus version is sensing of the desiccant loading condition by means of a micro-processor control. In this way, the required amount of valuable regeneration air is reduced by 40% on average and the service life of the desiccant is considerably prolonged.

The efficiency of the overall system is additionally increased through the use of the new Economizers. Moreover, the operation of the two filters is monitored and the most favorable time of change of the filter elements established.

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