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Energy Usage Audits

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For many years, it has been accepted by compressed air users that 'air is cheap' and, as such, inefficient and leaking air systems have been tolerated. In fact, compressed air is about the most costly of our 'utilities' and only now, with the introduction of the 'climate change levy' have companies started to pay attention to compressed air generation costs. Of course, it goes much further since lost pressure has a significant effect upon costs of production and the ultimate selling price of manufactured or processed goods. It might determine sales volume, cashflow and even the viability of the business as a whole. Fact is, it is quite common to save thousands of pounds per annum in terms of energy usage by implementing simple and inexpensive measures but only if a detailed analysis is conducted. The case histories section of this web site illustrate just a few examples of what an ACS survey has revealed and where clients have substantially benefitted from more than twenty years of wisdom and experience.

In practice, we install sensors and computerised equipment over a prolonged period and where we're able to provide a full and very detailed analysis and evaluation of your system. Our data logging systems helps to provide an in-depth and detailed independant report illustrating peak demands, operational pressure readouts, air consumption and running costs. Our detailed analysis reports conclude with practical and pragmatic measures that can be implemented without major investment in new plant or machinery although we'll naturally point to some advantages and options while leaving you to decide freely and without obligation of any kind.

ACS are ALUP approved energy conservation experts.

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