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Formula Screw Compressors

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The Complete Air Compressor Workstation Range fitted with the MC-2 Controller

  • 7.5 - 30 HP (5.5 to 22 kW)
  • Unique Technology - Fitted with the latest generation TriAB Rotary Screw Compressor Air End.
  • Efficient - High output with very low power consumption.
  • Energy Saving: - Variable Speed available on selected models.
  • Sophisticated - Complete with MC2 Microprocessor controller and self-diagnostic facility.
  • Simple, Advanced Design - Lower maintenance costs.
  • Acoustically Engineered - Ultra Quiet. Up to 15 Bar (217 psi) working pressure.
  • Extremely compact - Simple to install.
  • Engineered to last - Rugged and reliable.
  • Available with Integrated Dryer.

Product Highlights

Highly developed and compact compressed air station incorporating new principles of design allowing for significant improvement in performance against other machines.
Although industrial machines feature, simple aesthetic design, attractive in any working environment.
Low Noise:
Offers extremely low noise operating levels to allow the positioning of the compressor in the work place even in the immediate vicinity of personnel.
Energy Saving:
The Variable speed option, allows supply of air to follow the requirements of the plant, thus offering substantial savings in power consumption.
Easily maneuvered thanks to the specially designed cabinet which allows for the use of a standard pallet or fork-lift truck from the side/front/rear.
Low Maintenance:
Fitted with a unique TriAB compressor air end this along with the careful placement of service items allows ease of maintenance and a reduction in costs.
High quality industrial compressor suitable for all applications from a small workshop to the most sophisticated industrial process.
Integrated Dryer:
Available on selected models, offering a compact solution where necessary.
MC-2 Controller:
Featuring a backlit display with four lines of twenty digits each allowing extended messages, 5 languages, special functions and/or emergency signaling LED's, the MC2 controller also features:
Possibility to expand the hardware.
Possibility of “Remote Control” of the compressor (by cable) allowing the unit to remotely start and stop.
The “Autorestart” function, allows automatic start-up of the compressor after an eventual power cut off.
Programmed routine maintenance.
Diagnostic functions at different levels.
Fault log.
Rotation direction test for main motor and fan.

Compressed Air Treatment:
In the FORMULA.E version, the compressed air provided is dried and filtered through a refrigeration air dryer with R134A ecological gas and by two air treatment filters. The air dryer package is installed in a separate area of the compressor cabinet but it is controlled by the compressors microprocessor based controller which regulates its operating cycles matching the compressed air demands of the system, providing constant monitoring and control of the dew point. The air treatment filters eliminate all polluting particles which occur normally in industrial conditions along with water droplets and any lubricant particles resulting from the compression cycle:
The ceramic pre-filter intercepts solid particles and emulsions up to 5 micron;
A further desoiling filter intercepts solid and liquid particles up to 1 micron.
The compressed air at outlet is thus clean, environmentally friendly and suitable for use in pneumatic applications throughout industry. A condensate drain controlled by the compressor microprocessor provides for the single discharge of all the condensate. The discharge time as well as intervals can be customized by the end-user.
TriAB Air ends:
The ABAC screw compressors are fitted with the unique TriAB air ends that are designed and built exclusively at the ABAC factories, which are certified to ISO 9001. The highest quality standards are strictly adhered to throughout the manufacturing process ensuring constantly high quality.
Highly developed, asymmetric rotor profiles with precision ground 5/6 lobe configuration, provides higher compressed air output with lower power consumption.
Each rotor is fitted with 3 oversized high precision bearings allowing a longer air end life.
Shaft seal with a 3 lip design providing a total protection from oil and other contaminants
Toothed safety washers and special locking nut ensure that the rotor tolerances are set throughout the life of the unit for improved reliability.
The compressed air at outlet is thus clean, environmentally friendly and suitable for use in pneumatic applications throughout industry. A condensate drain controlled by the compressor microprocessor provides for the single discharge of all the condensate. The discharge time as well as intervals can be customized by the end-user.
Clean Inlet Air:
One of the most important factors in achieving increased performance and a longer service life with all rotary screw compressors is the quality of the inlet air.
With this in mind, the FORMULA range features a two stage air filtration system: air enters through a pre-filter panel, which helps to keep the internal components of the compressor clean as well as maintaining optimum cooling efficiency.
The second stage of filtration occurs as the air flows through a highly efficient air suction filter, this ensures that the air entering the compressor element is cleaned efficiently, thus providing a considerably longer service life to the whole compressor.
In the design of the FORMULA series a good deal of consideration was given to providing accessibility and ease of maintenance, all standard service components have been positioned at the front of the compressor thus allowing immediate accessibility by simply removing the front panel.
Low maintenance times and costs:
The quick and easy access to the routine maintenance components allows minimum compressor downtime and also a drastic reduction in service time and thus lower costs.
Oil Filtration:
Providing high quality compressed air in Line with key environmental objectives has been given a lot of attention during the development of the FORMULA range. Thanks to the unique internal design of The vertical air/oil separator vessel and the high efficiency air/oil separator cartridge, very clean compressed air is provided.
Residual oil content within the delivered compressed air is less than 3 mg. per cubic metre. Furthermore, an oversized and extremely robust stainless steel delivery hose allows for very low load losses.
Air Cooling:
The constant air flow generated by the electric fan provides very efficient cooling even during continuous use and in high ambient temperatures. This combined with the high efficiency air/oil cooler allows operating temperatures to be very low. The lower operating temperatures result in longer life to both components and to the lubricant.
All drive components such as the main motor and the air end etc. are mounted on a sturdy baseplate which is supported by anti vibration-dampers absorbing vibration and any resulting noise.
The sound absorbent cabinet panels finally ensure the lowest possible noise levels.
Automatic belt adjustment:
The entire FORMULA range features an automatic belts tensioning system ensuring longer life to the drive belts, preventing slipping and allowing for simple quick replacement.

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